Breaking Down The Plans: Pete Buttigieg

Breaking Down The Plans is a short political writing series that I am doing trying to break down 8 of each Presidential candidate’s plans (the issues that young people most care about) into factual bullet points that anyone can easily digest. I will give my opinion at the end as well as a link to the official website to read more. I’m doing this because 1. I’m a policy geek and 2. not everyone can sit through a 36-page plan. Also, if anything is in bold, it means that I feel it is significant in some way. We are going in order of polling. Enjoy!

Climate change:

  • Use 0 emissions in our society by 2050 at the latest
  • Enacting a price on carbon and sending that money to Americans
  • Investing a total of $500 billion in different clean energy research funds
  • Investing $200 billion over 10 years in a transition for workers
  • Creating Regional Resilience Hubs and giving them $5 billion per year to prevent climate disaster
  • Creating a National Catastrophic Disaster Insurance program
  • Rejoining the Paris Agreement and lead world leaders in a Pittsburgh summit to address global climate
  • Regaining military presence in the Arctic to reduce emissions and oppose drilling
  • Creating a senior climate security role in the Department of Defense

Gun violence:

  • Increasing the FBI’s domestic terrorism field staff and strengthen ties to local authorities
  • Passing multiple bills to track hate groups/crimes
  • Getting the National Counterterrorism Center to investigate white nationalism violence
  • Instituting universal background checks
  • Closing the boyfriend, Charleston, and hate loopholes
  • Banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Supporting red flag laws and a federal gun licensing system
  • Letting the CDC research gun violence as a public health crisis
  • Ending the filibuster

Public education/student loan debt:

His Schools of the Future plan says he wants to increase Title I funding for schools, make schools be transparent with their hiring process to ensure racial diversity, making public college tuition free through the Pell Grant program, and dedicate $25 billion to HBCUs and MSIs. Other than that, he does not have an official public education plan on his website.


He does not have an official immigration reform plan on his website yet.

Gender equality:

While he has stated that he wants equal pay for equal work, he does not have an official gender equality plan on his website yet.

Racial equality/criminal justice:

  • Create/funding Health Equity Zones to support local heath equity
  • Revitalizing the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Creating targeted grant funding for the NEA to support black history art projects
  • Doubling funding for states that commit to criminal justice reform
  • Legalizing marajuana and ending incarceration for drug possession/mandantory minimums
  • Creating a clemency commission outside of the DOJ
  • Abolishing private federal prisons
  • Appointing people to federal positions/benches who believe in criminal justice reform
  • Abolishing the death penalty
  • Restoring Pell Grant access and Medicaid use to incarcerated people
  • Increasing tax credit for employers who hire formerly incarcerated people
  • Restoring voting rights to all formerly incarcerated people
  • Increase funding in tracking police departments and getting safety measures like body-cams
  • Investing $10 billion in an eunterprenuership fund for underrepresented communities
  • Forgiving student loans for Pell Grant recipients who have a business employing at least 3 people within five years of graduating
  • Raising the mimumumn wage to $15 an hour
  • Creating a program where local communities can bid with HUD to revitalize housing and business in that area
  • Expand the environmental health network to show signs at a neighborhood level of climate related health issues

LGBTQIA+ equality:

While he does state that he wants to pass the Equality Act, there is no official LGBTQIA+ rights plan on his website.

Voting rights: (as part of his Douglass Plan for racial justice)

  • Automatic voter registration by eligibility
  • Allowing online and same day registration as well as early voting and voting by mail
  • Making Election Day a federal holiday
  • Expand the Voting Rights Act to have it block racist laws before elections
  • Allowing people to vote with a written statement of identity
  • Redefining DC as a government building area and create a “New Columbia” state to give people in DC the right to full political representation
  • Replacing the Electoral College with a National Popular Vote

Read more about his plans:




I write about politics, pop culture, and whatever I feel like talking honestly about. Also, I’m 17.

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Isabel Hope

Isabel Hope

I write about politics, pop culture, and whatever I feel like talking honestly about. Also, I’m 17.

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