Breaking Down The Plans: Kamala Harris

Breaking Down The Plans is a short political writing series that I am doing trying to break down 8 of each Presidential candidate’s plans (the issues that young people most care about) into factual bullet points that anyone can easily digest. I will give my opinion at the end as well as a link to the official website to read more. I’m doing this because 1. I’m a policy geek and 2. not everyone can sit through a 36-page plan. Also, if anything is in bold, it means that I feel it is significant in some way. We are gonna start with the highest polling candidate. Enjoy!

Climate change:

  • Passing the Climate Equity Act, the Environmental Justice Act, and the Water Justice Act
  • Investing $250 billion over five years to repair and replace drinking water infrastructure
  • Halting pipelines on native lands
  • Ending fossil fuel subsidies
  • Funding the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
  • Establishing a climate pollution fee
  • Achieving a clean economy by 2045
  • Investing $10 trillion in the next 10 years into creating sustainable jobs
  • Getting to 100% carbon-neutral electricity by 2030
  • Requiring all new buses be zero-emission by 2030
  • Passing the Clean School Bus Act and the Living Shorelines Act
  • Reviving the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
  • Passing the 21st Century SKILLS Act providing $8,000 for a Just Transition
  • Passing the Combatting Sexual Harassment in STEM Act
  • Passing the 21st Century STEM for Girls and Underrepresented Minorities Act
  • Halting all new fossil fuel leases on public lands or waters
  • Creating a Public Land Renewable Energy Zone Strategy
  • Protecting 30% of our lands and oceans by 2030
  • Requiring climate-smart conservation
  • Creating an Office of Outdoor Recreation
  • Passing the Restore Our Parks Act
  • Re-joining the Paris Agreement
  • Ratifying the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol
  • Proposing a meeting of global leaders to discuss climate solutions in early 2021

Gun violence:

  • Passing and expanding universal background checks
  • Revoking the license of gun manufacturers who break the law
  • Repealing the Protection of Commerce in Arms Act
  • Using the $500,000 fine for each gun industry violation to support mental health services
  • Prohibiting fugitives with outstanding warrant arrests from buying guns
  • Closing the boyfriend loophole
  • Banning assault weapons from being imported into the US

Public education/student loan debt:

  • Allowing current debt holders to refinance high-interest loans to lower rates
  • Expanding Income Based Repayment
  • Providing student loan forgiveness to Pell Grant recipients who start a successful business


  • Re-instating and expanding DACA
  • Increasing the two-term of DACA protection to three years
  • Updating the cutoff date for entry into the US
  • Creating a Dreamers Parole in Place Program
  • Directing the DHS to grant work authorization to DACA recipients
  • Reversing Trump’s travel ban
  • Closing private detention centers
  • Expanding Temporary Protected Status

Gender equality:

  • Requiring companies to obtain an Equal Pay Certification
  • Fining companies 1% of every 1% wage gap they let continue every day
  • Requiring companies to disclose if they are Equal Pay Certified on their website
  • Requiring states with anti-abortion practices to clear any new laws with the DOJ
  • Nominating judges who respect Roe v Wade
  • Reversing Trump’s attempts to cut Teen Pregnancy Prevention programs

Racial equality/criminal justice:

  • Doubling the DOJ’s civil rights division
  • Expanding pattern and practice investigations
  • Enforcing consent decrees
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Ending private prisons, death penalty, cash bail, and solitary confinement
  • Passing the Marijuana Opportunity Investment and Expungement Act
  • Ending mandatory minimums
  • Increasing clemency use and removing that department from the DOJ
  • Ending federal crack and powder cocaine disparity
  • Forming a National Criminal Justice Commission and a Beauru of Children and Family Justice
  • End life sentences and solitary confinement for children
  • Requiring federal prisons to have job training and mental health services
  • Garantee Automatic expungement of offenses that are not serious or violent after 5 years
  • Restoring voting rights for all formerly incarcerated people
  • Ending federal bans on formerly incarcerated people’s access to housing
  • Creating a National Police Systems Review Board
  • Increasing funding for body cameras
  • Requiring police data reporting as a condition of federal funds
  • Increasing funding for mental health professionals in law enforcement
  • Passing the EQUAL Defense Act and the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act
  • Investing $1 billion to eliminate state’s rape kit backlogs within four years
  • Investing $100 billion to homebuyers who live in historically red-lined communities
  • Investing $60 billion in STEM at HBCUs and MSIs
  • Creating a $10 billion infrastructure grant program for HBCUs and MSIs
  • Providing $2.5 billion to HBCU programs that generate Black teachers
  • Creating a $12 billion grant and technical support fund for minority small business owners

LGBTQIA+ equality:

  • Re-instating Obama’s LGBTQIA+ Executive Actions to protect federal workers from discrimination
  • Supporting a third-gender option on federal ID cards and documents
  • Rolling back Trump’s policies that allow religious beliefs as excuse for discrimination
  • Appointing an Attorney General to prosecute LGBTQIA+ hate crimes
  • Reversing Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the Armed Forces

Voting rights:

  • Restoring full protection of the Voting Rights Act
  • Requiring the availability of early voting
  • Making Election Day a national holiday
  • Requiring public disclosure of donors from dark-money interest groups
  • Replacing outdated electronic voting machines
  • Implementing cyber security guidelines

Read more about her plans:




I write about politics, pop culture, and whatever I feel like talking honestly about. Also, I’m 17.

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Isabel Hope

Isabel Hope

I write about politics, pop culture, and whatever I feel like talking honestly about. Also, I’m 17.

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