Breaking Down The Plans: Andrew Yang

Breaking Down The Plans is a short political writing series that I am doing trying to break down 8 of each Presidential candidate’s plans (the issues that young people most care about) into factual bullet points that anyone can easily digest. I will give my opinion at the end as well as a link to the official website to read more. I’m doing this because 1. I’m a policy geek and 2. not everyone can sit through a 36-page plan. Also, if anything is in bold, it means that I feel it is significant in some way. We are gonna start with the highest polling candidate. Enjoy!

Climate change:

  • Creating an American Scorecard to make sure American’s well-being is considered in policies
  • Ending tax benefits and cuts on fossil fuel companies
  • Instituting a tax on carbon emission to fund health research
  • Directing EPA Secretary to regulate carbon emissions
  • Directing the EPA to collate all state/private programs that promote renewable energy
  • Stopping the Secretary of Interior from taking any lands from public to private without approval
  • Preventing extraction of federal lands by state governments
  • Restoring protection to all land stripped during the Trump administration
  • Expanding the Every Kid in a Park initiative
  • Quintupling the budget for the U.S Forest Service
  • Setting a carbon tax to $40 per ton
  • Directing the EPA to research reducing waste from packaging
  • Making it easier to open up nuclear plants
  • Instituting an Energy Race to the Top program
  • Eliminating the penny

Gun violence:

  • Closing the gun show and Charleston loophole
  • Implementing a purchase limit on all firearms and a federal cooling off period
  • Promoting a federal licensing system
  • Banning assault weapons sale and distribution
  • Prohibiting the sale of deadly gun accessories
  • Confiscating any weapon that has been modified to hold higher ammunition capacity
  • Creating an agency to monitor gun manufacturing developments
  • Banning Large Capacity Ammo Feeding Devices
  • Passing a federal gun transportation law
  • Forming a commission to study 3D printing of guns
  • Creating federal safety guidelines for gun manufacturers
  • Repealing laws that shield gun manufacturers from liability
  • Implementing a federal buyback program for anyone who wants to donate their guns
  • Increasing funding to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention efforts
  • Directing the CDC to research gun violence
  • Requiring all locations where guns are sold to display mental health resources
  • Initiating mindfulness programs in schools and correctional facilities

Public education/student loan debt:

  • Prohibiting the government from profiting off of student loan debt
  • Proposing the 10×10 Student Loan Emancipation Act
  • Initiating a program that allows graduates to pay a percent of income instead of a fixed amount
  • Establishing a commission to explore debt forgiveness for students who got degrees under false pretenses
  • Expanding a program to forgive the debt of graduates who work in rural areas or underprivileged populations
  • Closing schools with high loan default rates and consistently low employment success
  • Prosecuting all representations of schools that induce enrollment under false pretenses
  • Allowing student loan debt to be discharged through bankruptcy
  • Working with the Department of Education to create an information database on all post-secondary institutions
  • Stipulating any university that receives public funding cannot increase its costs by more than annual median wage growth the year before
  • Eliminating the ability of any university to compensate teachers with incentives tied to their rankings
  • Requiring all universities that make over $30 billion to contribute 1% of their total endowment each year to the founding of a new university in Ohio
  • Expanding what classes are defined as vocational classes, especially in IT skills
  • Directing the Department of Education to create a plan for universal pre-kindergarten education
  • Provide loan forgiveness for education majors who volunteer at preschools
  • Directing the Department of Education to provide materials to all public schools about career paths that don’t require a college degree
  • Beginning a public education campaign championing vocational jobs and education


  • Providing long-term residency to anyone who has been here illegally for a long time
  • Deporting any undocumented immigrant who doesn’t commit to the long-term residency tier
  • Providing body cameras to all agents along the US/Mexico border
  • Lowering the backlog of asylum cases
  • Creating anti-cartel initiatives with the Mexican government
  • Letting workers who receive positive reviews from employers remain in the country as permanent residents
  • Granting any student who graduates with at least a graduate degree a green card

Gender equality:

While he has stated that he supports equal pay and the right to abortion access/contraception, there is no official gender equity plan on his website.

Racial equality/criminal justice:

  • Establishing a central location to study white nationalism and extremism
  • Directing the DOJ to release an annual report on domestic terrorism
  • Establishing a victim’s fund for victims of domestic terror
  • Ending relationships with white nationalist political parties
  • Implementing a program of pre-trial services such as a text message to remind individuals of upcoming court dates
  • Identifying non-violent drug offenders for probation and potential early release
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Expunging the federal convictions of all marijuana-related use or possession offenses
  • Authorizing federal funding to pay for a body camera for every officer in every police department in the country
  • Directing the DOJ to research police-related deaths
  • Providing federal funding for training of local police officers in the latest techniques
  • Re-establishing the ban on distributing military-level artillery gear to police

LGBTQIA+ equality:

While he has stated that he supports funding LGBTQIA+ initiatives and appointing openly LGBTQIA+ people to his cabinet, there is no official plan for LGBTQIA+ equality on his website.

Voting rights:

  • Pushing the DNC to adopt a ranked choice voting system
  • Provide every eligible American voter with $100 Democracy Dollars for each federal election
  • Having a constitutional amendment limiting a maximum of 12 years in each chamber of Congress
  • Providing automatic voter registration
  • Making Washington D.C a state
  • Appointing experts, artists, and thinkers to a Public Council of Advisors
  • Committing to releasing any communications between him and the Advisors publicly
  • Committing at least one meeting per quarter to a subject chosen by online petition
  • Making Election Day a holiday
  • Proposing a constitutional amendment imposing 18-year term limits on Supreme Court Justices
  • Pledge to accept no speaking fees or board positions for personal gain after leaving office
  • Ban anyone in the federal government from receiving money for campaigning after they leave
  • Providing an Anti-Corruption Stipend for members of the federal government as long as they don’t accept anything of value in exchange for campaigning for someone
  • Overturning Citizens United and Valeo
  • Eliminating Super PACS
  • Lowering the voting age for federal elections to 16

To read more of his plans, go to:




I write about politics, pop culture, and whatever I feel like talking honestly about. Also, I’m 17.

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Isabel Hope

Isabel Hope

I write about politics, pop culture, and whatever I feel like talking honestly about. Also, I’m 17.

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